Replacement Car Bulbs

The bulbs in your headlights lose up to 50 feet of visibility before they burn out. We can recommend that bulbs are replaced in pairs, as a burnt-out bulb can quickly be followed by another. The SYLVANIA bulb finder will help you to find the right replacement bulb for your vehicle and to determine which Continue Reading

Things you must know about Spark Plugs

In any petrol car engine, the Spark plugs are made from metallic insulation material. Most of the vehicle owners don’t have that much idea about this small but essential engine component. Usually, the electrons in a spark plug consist of high-nickel alloys, while the aluminium oxide ceramic is generally insulated, and the covering consists of Continue Reading

Austin Maxi ADO14 – Complete History, Development & More…

‘All the fives’ was the high technology tagline applied to the Austin Maxi when released– with a five-door hatchback body and also five-speed transmission, Austin’s new mid-range fighter actually did seem to have everything. Unfortunately, the technology could have been there, yet the implementation was a little less than wonderful, and also this progressive vehicle Continue Reading

Best cars for first time drivers

Getting your first car is a really exciting rite of passage. Your first car should be cheap to buy and run, especially if you are a young driver as you can usually suffer from high car insurance premiums. However, that doesn’t mean that your first car has to be boring! If you’ve just passed our Continue Reading

How to Get The Most Value From Your Car

Cars are one of the biggest purchases we make in our lives. Added to that, according to the Office for National Statistics, the average spend for car running costs in the UK is around £1,679 per year. So if you’re buying a car then you’re looking at a pretty significant chunk of your earnings going Continue Reading

10 Best Cars for Older Drivers

10 Cars for Over 50’s As you get older, your tastes and needs change, as do the criteria that guide your choice towards certain types of models. Here’s a quick round-up of the best cars for older drivers! What details should you pay attention to when buying a vehicle as a senior? Seniors often have Continue Reading

Environmental solutions for the UK trucking industry

With the UK Government aiming to reach net-zero emission by 2050, as well seeking ways to limit other non-environmentally friendly practices, many industries are coming under pressure to cut their contribution in the pursuit of this overall target. As part of the wider transportation space, the trucking industry has a large part to play in Continue Reading

Why Electric Trucks Matter More Now Than Ever

“Trucks remain a major source of pollution that creates smog, and smog is linked with coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and can cause asthma and premature death.” Paul Billing’s (American Lung Association) Larger vehicles like trucks are responsible for a significant portion of transport pollution. This pollution affects both the environment and human health negatively. Continue Reading

7 Top Ways to Save Money on Taxi Insurance

Being a taxi driver offers many people a great opportunity to make a good living and work independently according to their own schedule. As a self-employed worker, you’ll have the flexibility in choosing what hours and days you wish to work. For this reason, there are thousands of professionals entering this industry every year. For Continue Reading

Why You Should Consider Getting Motor Trade Insurance

If your business is involved in the repairing, handling, or distribution of vehicles, it’s imperative you consider motor trade insurance. Insurance may prevent disastrous financial consequences in the case of car accidents and other issues involving your company. Unfortunately, many business owners and managers are unaware of the helpful options available to them. Hence, here’s Continue Reading