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This is Why Your Cabin Air Filter Smells Like Vinegar

You’re driving around town running errands, trying to tick off everything on your list you need to do. Then, you find yourself sitting at a stoplight when you notice a strange smell coming from your air vents. But wait, is that vinegar? Why in the world are you smelling vinegar in your car’s cabin?

Thankfully, it’s not as much of a mystery as it may seem at first. There are several common reasons why this may happen, and there are also many common ways to help fix it so you can finally enjoy your vehicle again. To help you, this article will review the typical reasons why your cabin air filter may smell like vinegar, as well as some average remedies to help get rid of it.

Why Your Cabin Air Filter May Smell Like Vinegar

One of the most common reasons you may notice a vinegary odour coming from the vents in your vehicle is mould growing in your vents or ducts. This can often be the byproduct of a faulty AC system, which can cause moisture to build up in these areas. Over time this can grow mould, which can produce that vinegar smell. Thankfully, mould is slow to grow, and you can easily prevent this by ensuring your air conditioning system is properly maintained.

Another common reason you’re getting a musty or vinegary smell in your car’s cabin is an old and dirty cabin air filter. This filter helps prevent debris and particles from entering the AC system, keeping it functioning properly and maintaining the air quality inside your automobile. But when this filter is old and clogged with dirt, it can begin to trap moisture, which can grow mould. However, you can easily fix and prevent this by replacing your old air filter and staying on top of future maintenance.

Perhaps you have a mouldy evaporator coil or fins resulting from a vehicle that isn’t used often and is left to sit. But thankfully, this is also another scenario that you can readily remedy. To prevent this, you must routinely run the vehicle and have the AC going so that these components can dry out properly.

You may also need to keep an eye out for excess condensation coming from the AC system. This can also result from an automobile being left to sit, but it could also be due to a clog somewhere in the system trapping moisture inside it. One of the easiest ways to spot this is to watch for the typical dripping of water underneath your car that should be there while the AC is running. However, if you don’t notice any dripping, this can indicate a clog, and that condensation is trapped somewhere.

Prevent Vinegar Smells and Other Problems

One of the easiest ways to prevent mould growth and potential vinegar odours from entering your car’s cabin is to maintain your vehicle properly simply. By regularly replacing your air filters and even just periodically running the engine and AC system for a bit, you can help prevent any moisture buildup and avoid mould and vinegar odours outright.

Alongside staying on top of your vehicle’s maintenance, you also want to ensure it’s adequately protected. Thankfully, this is where investing in an extended warranty can help. These warranties offer extended coverage for your vehicle that basic warranties may not offer, ensuring you’re protected against various potential problems.

Replacement Car Bulbs

The bulbs in your headlights lose up to 50 feet of visibility before they burn out. We can recommend that bulbs are replaced in pairs, as a burnt-out bulb can quickly be followed by another. The SYLVANIA bulb finder will help you to find the right replacement bulb for your vehicle and to determine which product family is right for you. Simply select the year, make and model of your vehicle to identify the replacement bulb that fits your car.

Start by selecting the year, make and model of your vehicle from the menu below. When upgrading your headlight bulbs, replace them two at a time to make sure the brightness and color are the same so you can see better at night. These LED car bulbs come in a wide variety of types, such as 3157, 1157, 7443, 1156, ba9s, 7440, 7443, 194, 921, and third generation LED headlight bulbs with H7, H11, H4, H8, 9005, 9006, and 9012 bases. We carry a large selection of Sylvania replacement bulbs in a variety of sizes and styles to fit most vehicle makes, models, and years.

Switch to a new pair of car bulbs today, and look your best tonight.  Headlight bulbs light up at the same time, so when one burns out the other isn’t far behind. Sylvania bulbs are designed to fit your specific vehicle, so installation is easy and satisfaction is virtually guaranteed. Although LED bulbs are massively gaining in popularity, halogen bulbs are still the most widespread choice, as they are based on simple technology and are inexpensive to replace.

Whether you’re replacing a worn bulb in your daily driver or looking for a rear bulb for your classic car, you’ll find the right fit and look when you choose us. Select your vehicle year, make and model to find replacement bulbs for your vehicle.

LED Car Bulbs Guide

They operate at a cool white temperature of 6000K and offer a great beam pattern with no dark spots or foggy light. You may not be able to foresee any fog coming your way, but you can definitely be prepared for anything with a super bright LED or HID lights. As an upgrade over standard halogen bulbs, XenonPro LEDs boast up to 300% more brightness, putting out a maximum of 9,000 lumens per pair, with advanced anti-glare technology to avoid blinding other drivers. It’s time to make the switch to LED and upgrade all the lights on your car, from your car’s rear brake lights, turn signals, reverse lights and license plate lights, to your front fog lights, parking lights and DRL daytime running lights.

This is because changing a single headlight bulb could result in a difference in brightness between the two. If you are purchasing Auxbeam F-16 LED bulbs, make sure you are getting a product that is sold and shipped by Auxbeam. There are four different colors available – 3000K (yellow), 6000K (bright white), 8000K (blue), and 12000L (purple) – and there’s even a CANus-ready option to make sure the bulbs can communicate properly with your vehicle’s computer system. More importantly, many of the LED headlight bulbs can be used to replace halogen headlights if you’re looking for a brighter, longer-lasting light.

For cars that don’t come with LED lights or for older vehicles, there are aftermarket conversions that require careful installation and adjustment to ensure no glare for oncoming traffic. The ideal balance of price, performance and longevity, Cougar Motor’s LED headlight bulbs offer up to 12,000 lumens per pair (depending on the specific bulbs for your car) which is 200 percent brighter than stock halogen headlights. Featuring an aluminum body with a unique hollow heatsink design, the company claims these bulbs last up to 50,000 hours. Another popular choice, these LED headlight bulbs boast 10000 bright lumens per pair at a cool white temperature of 6500K.

Upgrading from HID bulbs and the HID conversion kit allows you better visibility to see the road ahead with an unmatched amount of clarity. We offer LED bulbs to replace nearly every incandescent bulb in your vehicle, from headlights to license plate light and all lights in between, including all popular sizes of headlight bulbs, single and double contact bayonet base bulbs, wedge base, festoon, miniature bulbs, and more. The company says it is the only authorized distributor of its products, so beware of counterfeits. Here’s a list of the five best LED headlights, focusing specifically on LED headlights for high and low beams, plus fog lights, across a range of vehicles and price points.

These LED car bulbs come in a wide variety of types, such as 3157, 1157, 7443, 1156, ba9s, 7440, 7443, 194, 921, and third generation LED headlights with H7,. The brightness can depend on both the specific bulbs available for your car; as well as the different model lines offered by the manufacturers, but they range from 6,000 LM (lumens) to 12,000 LM. The brightness of an LED bulb is measured in lumens, so it’s an important factor you’ll want to pay attention to when choosing a replacement. Fahren’s option offers a focused beam pattern that provides a wider and farther range of illumination, while being three times brighter than a standard halogen bulb.

We also offer LED conversion kits and RGB LED conversion kits to upgrade your fog lights as well, for superior visibility and safer driving in the murkiest weather. White bulbs are popular and offer the best visibility for these areas, but you can choose a different color if you wish. Many of the manufacturers include plug-and-play kits with their products, so you won’t have to make any modifications to your vehicle. Halogens are the basic system where the headlight bounces light off a mirror behind the bulb and is standard on most vehicles.

Each bulb also features a 9,000 RPM hydro-electric pressure fan with AirFlux dual cooling technology to dissipate heat. Contributing to their durability are 12,000 RPM turbo cooling fans and these bulbs are IP68 waterproof. The vehicle’s LED lights suit numerous applications including daytime running lights, headlights, taillights, brake lights, turn signals, map lights, instrument cluster and indicator lights, license plate lights, trunk lights, side marker lights, and more. Features Powered by 42pcs high power 2835 SMD SMD LED emitters made by SAMSUNG 21pcs white LED xenon for daytime running lights or parking light.

If the lifespan of a bulb is not a concern, then Beamtech bulbs are ideal for you as they offer above average brightness with quiet operation.

Legal LED Car Bulbs – What’s the Difference?

A comprehensive test of replacement LED bulbs from Consumer Reports would go a long way to bringing clarity to the market. MOT test centers will now suspend LED upgrade bulbs in headlights, but the guidelines are silent on other LED bulbs in your vehicle. So now that you know you can put LED and HID bulbs in your stock halogen headlights and understand how it works at a high level, you’re probably wondering how much these kits cost. The regulations are not in line with current MOT testing guidelines and create a confusing message for people looking to buy these products.

UNLIMITED DIGITAL ACCESS Both LED and Xenon HID conversion kits are essentially headlight bulbs that are perfectly compatible with the stock halogen headlights. There is no problem with LED bulbs in reflectors as long as the LED is made to the exact design of the halogen bulb (i.e. all provinces have their own road and traffic laws and requirements, but this document provides a good guide. I would like to replace the headlights and low beam, but I don’t think there is a suitable LED bulb available yet.

The Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations state that a bulb must be E marked, approved or of the correct wattage to be road legal. My car is 17 years old and even with aftermarket headlights that are dimmer than most modern cars LED headlights, I’m actually upgrading to be safer and to see where I’m going, not to blind people. The rule of thumb is that if you have a halogen bulb currently installed and want to upgrade to LED, it won’t be road legal. Here’s the important part: I had no idea how far ahead of me it was, if it was an illegal motorcycle riding on what is now a pedestrian path, if it was a cyclist with these powerful LED headlights, or if it was a person walking with a powerful flashlight.

Sealed LED units may seem like a good option when buying a car or van, but there are costs to consider for the future. The main difference between the two, apart from the different technology, is the accessories that come in each kit. The Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations 1989 are based on old technology and do not take into account new technologies such as LEDs. Should the regulations change, they would have to regulate LED replacements to meet the requirements for road use.

LED bulbs will be identical in design to halogen bulbs in terms of locking tabs and sockets. It is classified as a type of headlight modification, as halogen technology is being changed to LED technology. Although not road legal, the bulbs are designed with specialized technology that makes them much safer and do not dazzle other drivers. While LEDs can provide a brighter light at a higher end of the spectrum, most aftermarket units also create a hazardous condition.

Types of Car Bulbs – Which is right?

Each new LED product released to the public seems to have an increase in performance, technology and compatibility. Uk has a range of halogen upgrade bulbs that include long lasting bulbs, brighter bulbs or bulbs designed for style. LED bulbs, or light emitting diode bulbs, are rapidly replacing halogen and HID bulbs – to some extent – because of their efficiency, lifespan, brightness and design advantages over other types of bulbs. But these bulbs do not illuminate the road as well in rain and fog, because the droplets reflect the white light better.

The big brands on the market have invested heavily in LED headlight bulbs and each product has significant improvements. They are still not as widely used as halogen bulbs, and many vehicle manufacturers are dropping them in favor of LED bulbs, as they do not last as long and are not as efficient as LEDs. Usually when people think of headlights, they are thinking of the actual bulbs that produce the light rather than the housings that the bulbs reside in. The headlight housing is what can be seen from the outside of the vehicle, and they are one of the main styling components on the front of a vehicle.

They also typically produce the lowest amount of lumens compared to other types of bulbs – around 1,000 lumens for the average bulb – and the lowest color temperature – usually between 2,500K and 4,000K. If you’re not sure how to identify them, take a photo of each bulb you want to identify and email it to us. Because of their use of electricity and their design, they are even more efficient than HID bulbs, which are already much more efficient than halogen bulbs. Being the highest performing, they have the shortest life span (except for high wattage bulbs).

With halogen bulbs there is a “light vs. style” trade-off between getting the most light output and having a whiter colored light. They are also very compact, which allows them to be used for more stylistic effects or in places where normal bulbs cannot be used. As a result, they are still the most commonly used in vehicles, although they are slowly being replaced by brighter, more efficient and longer lasting types of bulbs. OE is often used in xenon HID technology to emphasize that they are to replace bulbs in cars that had xenons installed from new.

If you choose to have whiter halogen lights, keep in mind that you will sacrifice actual light output. However, bulb manufacturers have managed to produce xenon bulbs that have a lower light output and therefore don’t need an auto-leveling system or lens washers, so they cost about half as much. Headlight bulbs are placed and held inside the headlight housing, and while the housings are responsible for helping to distribute the light produced, the bulbs are responsible for producing the actual light. As a result, they are very rare and hardly available to be purchased as an aftermarket replacement for your standard headlights.

From fanless LED headlight bulbs to incredibly bright LED bulbs for your car, the options are getting wider and wider. Many retailers sell cheap LED bulbs that claim to be incredibly bright, however, the position of the bulb can dangerously affect the beam pattern, which can be dangerous to other road users. The bulb contains xenon gas and vaporised metals which help to dissipate the light produced by the passage of electricity between the electrodes. Due to this high wattage, they are the shortest lasting bulbs on the market, typically lasting between 6 months and 2 years depending on usage.

These bulbs usually give up to 60% more light, but still allow you to have a crisp white light pattern. I have an old car with H5 bulbs that you would recommend to improve its performance I want to know which bulbs are the ones that have different temperature colors as when you look at other angles you see different colors new cars have them I don’t know how they are called if you can help thanks TW382G2LED-1 these leds come in any other color. For the W5W bulbs, I would recommend looking for LED alternatives because the filament versions lack the light output you need. Although both types of headlight housings come with their own forms of technology, the headlight bulbs are the components that carry most of the technological weight within the headlight arena.

Although laser lights are even more efficient and can be many times brighter than LED lights, their use is limited due to their high cost, and the feasibility of putting them in most vehicles is quite low at this time. Not only are these bulbs perfect for a bug-free experience, but you won’t have any bulb holder issues, they’re completely road legal, and they’re a hassle-free option. Still, they are a much better alternative to halogen bulbs and are the most commonly used with projector headlight housings. This lack of light concentration can be more dangerous to oncoming traffic in terms of visibility than other types of housings.

They are a great alternative for owners who aren’t as concerned about improving light output and simply don’t want the hassle of repeatedly changing bulbs. They can still be used for off-road use, such as on private grounds for events, cross country and track events. Some types of UN-approved bulbs are also allowed by other regulations, such as those of the United States or Japan, although Japan has started to replace the old Japanese national regulations with the international UN ones. High beams are those that are used when driving on dark rural roads without street lighting, or when gesturing to other drivers.

These bulbs are designed to provide as much light as possible while still being legal on the road. Other automotive lighting applications, such as auxiliary lamps or interior lighting, may not be regulated, but many car manufacturers use common types. If they show CANBus errors, they can be solved simply by using CANBus resistors or control units. I need a h1 led 12v bulb equivalent to a h1 55w halogen bulb for a flashing beacon, can you help me?

Apart from being a cheaper alternative to most LED headlight bulbs, the main advantage of choosing halogen is that there are no CANBus errors when changing bulbs. For example, if the bulb says it gives 50% more light and at the same time it lives twice as long, there is no catch. You can certainly take advantage of knowing a little bit about headlight technology, as they tend to be one of the most commonly replaced parts in your vehicle, and there are probably more types of headlights than you think. They work by passing electricity through a diode, or semiconductor, which produces photons, a process called electroluminescence.

We understand that it can sometimes be a confusing experience when trying to find the right bulb for your car online. Bulbs used for headlights, turn signals and brake lights may be required to comply with international and national regulations governing the types of bulbs used. The aim of vision and style bulbs is to offer a good combination of extra light and that whiter, more stylish light you are looking for. HID lights are the next step up from halogen bulbs and are much brighter, safer, more efficient and more expensive.

HID kits have 300% – 450% more light compared to standard halogen bulbs, they are known to produce immense illumination for your vehicle. The halogen gases inside the bulb help to intensify the light produced and therefore emit a light bright enough for night driving and daytime visibility. They tend to have the shortest lifespan of all bulb types and are most commonly found attached to reflector or projector housings. Halogen headlight bulbs consist of a filament inside an enclosed bulb that is sealed and filled with halogen gases.

Luckily, we’ve compiled a quick and easy car bulb guide that teaches you the basics about car headlight bulbs, which bulb your car uses and the differences between halogen, LED and HID bulbs. It lists specifications that indicate the bulb application, wattage and sometimes the color of the bulb. Each car, make, model and year can be completely different from each other, so figuring out what type of bulb you need can often be a confusing task.

Car Light Bulb Replacement – LED or OEM?

The cost of replacing your car’s headlights is not universal and varies greatly depending on the make, the mode of your car, whether you do the work yourself or take the car to a mechanic. If you take your car to a dealer, you will likely pay more but for a product of equivalent quality. Headlight restoration is an important substitute if you don’t want to replace your headlights with every problem like oxidation, or yellowing caused by overexposure to the sun, UV rays, or other environmental pollution. Car headlight bulbs are enclosed in a carefully designed headlight housing located on each side of your vehicle’s radiator.

Replacing a single old, dim headlight bulb with a new, brighter one creates uneven light that affects road visibility. To give you an idea of the unexpected expense before you decide to replace your headlight bulb, check the cost below. The SYLVANIA bulb finder will help you find the right replacement bulb for your vehicle and help you determine which product family is right for you. It is also necessary to replace the protective coating with another coating, such as a clear coat, to protect the surface of the headlight again.

In other words, the other bulb that looks fine could also be a little bad and could get worse if you don’t replace the bad bulb. Select the year, make and model of your vehicle to find replacement bulbs for your vehicle IMPORTANT NOTES AND GUIDELINES. While replacing your headlight is a very nice way to get your headlight back to its original brightness, it could cost you a lot in the long run in terms of financing. So know when your headlight bulbs need to be replaced so they don’t blow out completely and leave you stranded on the road.

Replacing Car Bulbs

Ultimately, if you replace a bulb and it doesn’t work, you need to check the fuses and wiring. For newer halogen bulbs, another cause of dimmed lights can be oxidation of the plastic housing, which causes it to look white or yellowish, Zullo says. On some models the housing that includes the bulb unscrews from the outside, and on others it must be unscrewed from inside the trunk. Knowing how to change a headlight and what to look for when the front of the car dims can help you quickly remedy the problem.

They can be quickly pulled out from behind the headlight housing, unplugged from the wiring and replaced with a working bulb. With the new bulb in place, your headlights should be as good as new again, and you can get back to enjoying driving your car day or night. A quick test, if you don’t have a bulb handy or if you’re on the road when you notice the headlight problem, is to stop and tap the light with your fist, which will sometimes cause it to come on, he says. The process of replacing taillights (including brake lights) is slightly different than headlights.

Zullo points out that today’s halogen bulbs get very hot, and some auto parts stores sell brighter or colored replacements over the counter that are touted as better for visibility, but get even hotter. Access to the headlight bulb is through the engine compartment, rather than through the front of the car. You can usually access the headlight bulb by simply opening the hood and removing the lamp connections at the back of the headlight housing. When replacing a headlight, it is essential that you avoid touching the glass of the new bulb, as contamination from the natural oil in its skin and even small amounts of dirt will cause premature failure.

Most of today’s High Intensity Discharge (HID) or Light Emitting Diode (LED) halogen bulbs are easy to replace. Once the replacement housing is installed, but before reinstalling any parts you removed to access the headlight unit, turn the lights on and off to make sure the replacement high beam and low beam bulbs and rewiring are working properly.

Car Bulbs Online – Where’s Best?

Uk (Autobulbs Direct) started life in 2003 as a car lighting specialist with the widest range of halogen bulbs, LED bulbs, Xenon HID bulbs and standard replacement bulbs for cars, motorcycles and trucks. You can rest easy knowing you’ll get the lowest possible prices on replacement bulbs when you shop at TDot Performance. Select your vehicle year, make and model to find replacement bulbs for your vehicle IMPORTANT NOTES AND GUIDELINES. You’ll find upgraded halogen or xenon bulbs with up to 150% more light on the road, complete HID xenon conversion kits, or even matching standard replacements.

We stock a wide range of best-selling car bulbs, including Philips X-treme Vision, OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited, and many more. You also won’t have to shell out money in customs duties or brokerage fees, making your car bulb purchase economical. PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU BUY When upgrading your headlight bulbs to better ones, change them in pairs to ensure that the brightness and color are the same and you can see better at night. We stock excellent car cleaning products from top brands like Rocket Butter, Meguiar’s Car Cleaning and Auto Glym.

LED bulbs are brighter, use less energy, react faster and simply look better than standard filament bulbs. We stock a wide range of the best-selling car bulbs, including Philips X-treme Vision, Blue Vision Ultra and Vision Plus. When it comes to high quality but inexpensive replacement bulbs, there is no more comprehensive online store in Canada than TDot Performance. These LED car bulbs come in a wide variety of types, such as 3157, 1157, 7443, 1156, ba9s, 7440, 7443, 194, 921 and third generation LED headlights with H7, H11, H4, H8, 9005, 9006 and 9012 bases.

Things you must know about Spark Plugs

In any petrol car engine, the Spark plugs are made from metallic insulation material. Most of the vehicle owners don’t have that much idea about this small but essential engine component. Usually, the electrons in a spark plug consist of high-nickel alloys, while the aluminium oxide ceramic is generally insulated, and the covering consists of steel metal. Once someone attaches it to the metal closet, one then connects it to the lateral electrode. In the metal shell, the primary inner electrode is isolated by a layer of porcelain. The main electrode flows in this porcelain situation from the current. The primary electrode is separated electrically from the side electrode by the porcelain box. Among the most famous spark plug producers, few got popular and have substantiated themselves from the best side. From the list of the best Denso Nickel TT spark plugs are among the most common spark plugs on the planet. It is because of the reliability and the authenticity of the product that never lets you down.

What are Denso candles?

TT Spark Plug technology permits improved fuel combustion. This method saves money in the long run and reduces fuel utilization. Denso is one of the world’s most influential pioneers in the field of OEM quality candle technology. So this type of candle is used in several motorcycles and scooters or for tuned and original engines. They minimize fuel consumption, and the car can work for a long time on an equivalent quantity of fuel. Its exceptional ignitability guarantees higher ignition, allowing leaner mixtures to become less misfiring than a nickel plug.

Can you fit a Denso candle in your car?

Although you can buy spark plugs in your car coordinating packs, not every spark plug is inclusive and can be worrying for you. Sparkling Plugs come in varying sizes, different holes, and manufacturers use several metals to make them. So you have to ensure that they are correct for your cars.

How to change spark plugs?

The job is simple. To sustain maximum performance and gas kilometres, changing the spark plug takes an experienced individual around 1 hour. The spark plug is just as quick to adjust if you know what you’re doing.

Park your vehicle on a level, dry surface and guarantee the motor is cool and follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Locate the spark plugs.
  2. Access the plugs.
  3. Remove the old plugs.
  4. Gap the new plugs.
  5. Mount the new plugs.

When should you change your spark plugs?

No. It is not the part that needs to be changed every time you take your vehicle for service. Spark plugs are very durable components; one does not need to replace them so frequently. That said, they should be replaced within a couple of years, or depending on the condition of the existing spark plug, every vehicle will differ on the timeline, and you should contact your service provider to know the optimum time to replace the spark plug.

Best cars for first time drivers

Getting your first car is a really exciting rite of passage. Your first car should be cheap to buy and run, especially if you are a young driver as you can usually suffer from high car insurance premiums. However, that doesn’t mean that your first car has to be boring! If you’ve just passed our driving test Refused Car Finance has compiled a list of the best cars for first time drivers.

What should you look for in your first car?

There are a few factors which can increase the cost of your car and also how much money you spend in the long run.


Your car budget may depend on how you are going to fund your next car. You might have some cash saved up to buy a little run around or you may be looking to finance your next car with either a personal loan, Hire purchase car finance deal or Personal Contract Purchase.

Car insurance rates

Car insurance rates can be quite high for newly qualified drivers. This is because you are more likely to have a crash or accident within your first year of driving and make a claim. You could consider ‘black box’ car insurance which can decrease your annual premium and monitors your driving through telematics.

Running costs

Buying a car can be expensive but you need to factor in running costs of a car. There are many things you will need to factor in, for example, road tax, fuel costs, congestion charges, unexpected repairs, MOT and servicing and breakdown cover.


Euro NCAP is a five-star rating system which tests and rates the safety of cars. Young drivers are more likely to be involved in a crash or accident in their first year so safety should be your priority. The safety rating of a car is determined by a series of tests which are designed and carried out by NCAP. The rating ranges from 1-5 stars, the higher the rating the safer the vehicle. Most newer cars in the UK meet the highest standard of safety rating in the UK. So, buying an older car could mean that you miss out on some of the more modern safety equipment which comes in vehicles as standard these days.

What are the best cars for first-time drivers?

1.      Volkswagen Polo

The Volkswagen Polo is a great first car. It appeals to both genders and drivers of all ages. You should opt for the small but mighty 1.0 litre 80hp engine which can be cheaper to insure. The exterior is well-built and comes with easy-to-use tech as standard. If you have a little more to spend then you could go for the SE version model which comes with more dafty kit as standard the added peace of mind on the roads.

2.      Peugeot 208

The Peugeot 208 is cheap to run but doesn’t look cheap! The design looks very modern and it feels sturdy to drive. The interior is designed around a smart touchscreen media system and for little over £200 a month you could be driving a brand-new Peugeot 208! It’s a great car for dotting round town and picking up your mates!

3.      Vauxhall Corsa

The Vauxhall Corsa has been a popular choice with both new and young drivers for many years. The Corsa is a very complete all-rounder. It looks sporty but is comfortable and spacious inside. It is cheap to run and also cheap to insurance, making it a great option for your first car.

4.      Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta has been the best-selling car in the UK since 2009! It’s easy to see why it’s a popular choice as it’s fun to drive, comfortable and comes with some great technology. The Fiesta has a handy innovation called MyKey, which allows parent to set a number of settings for young drivers. These settings include maximum speed, seatbelt reminder and a maximum volume for the stereo!

5.      Hyundai i10

The Hyundai i10 is surprisingly spacious for a small first car. It has more of family feel then some of the other cars on our list, making it a great option for older drivers who have just passed their test! Many smaller cars can only seat 3 passengers and a driver but the i10 has a full back bench so it’s great for 3 of your mates or 3 kids in the back!

6.      Skoda Fabia

The Skoda Fabia is a five-door hatch which has lots of space, it’s easy to drive, cheap to run and practical and safe! It comes with some of Skoda’s impressive ‘Simply Clever’ features which are designed to make life that little bit easier such as a built-in ice scrapper, a ticket holder on the windscreen and an umbrella inside the cabin. If you want to get more bang for your buck, then the Skoda Fabia may be the perfect choice for you.

7.      Fiat 500

One of the most stylish first cars you can buy is the Fiat 500. It’s cute, dinky, cheap to buy and run. It is popular amongst many young female drives but can appeal to both genders. It also is in one of the lowest car insurance groups making it a great choice for your first car.

8.      Volkswagen Golf

The Golf is one of the most expensive cars to buy on our list, but you can grab a great deal on a used Golf. It’s easy to drive, spacious and well equipped. Also, it comes with some great features as standard. The Golf is our second Volkswagen on the list and if you’re stuck between the two, the Golf is slightly bigger in both width and boot space but both vehicles make a great choice for your first car.

9.      Toyota Yaris

A Toyota Yaris is one of the most dependable first cars you can buy. Toyota is well known for its reliability, making the Yaris an all-rounder and will also last you a while. For a small car, there is plenty space up front and plenty headroom. Many of Yaris’ less expensive trims also fall into insurance group 2, meaning that you can benefit from low insurance costs.

10.  Nissan Micra

The Nissan Micra is one of the funkiest first cars out there. It’s easy to drive and the 1.0 litre engine model falls into the cheapest insurance group. It’s not the cheapest on our list but you can grab a great deal on a Nissan Micra. The older models can look outdated now but the new Micra is certainly a big upgrade on the model.


How to Get The Most Value From Your Car

Cars are one of the biggest purchases we make in our lives. Added to that, according to the Office for National Statistics, the average spend for car running costs in the UK is around £1,679 per year.

So if you’re buying a car then you’re looking at a pretty significant chunk of your earnings going towards that vehicle. Which makes it all the more important it’s kept in good condition. More often than not you can’t prevent a car’s depreciation in value, but what you can do is ensure it’s kept in great shape to get the most value for your car if you look to sell it further down the line.

So here are a few of our top tips to keep your car looking and driving great.

Regular servicing is the easiest way to keep your car in great condition so don’t keep putting it off. As a broad rule try to factor in servicing once a year. Keeping on top of it will most likely save you money in the long run. And find a good mechanic for when things do go wrong — take a recommendation from friends or family to make sure you aren’t getting ripped off.

Don’t let the battery go flat

Jump starting your battery can put a huge strain on it, so avoid letting your battery go flat if you can. And when charging use a trickle charger where possible. Another avoidable damage commonly inflicted on your battery is letting it go unused for weeks. So if you’re going away for an extended period then see if someone is able to give your car a weekly run out for you.

Stay on top of oil changes

Do this regularly. And while you’re at it, keep all other fluids in your car well topped up. Try to get into the habit of checking these weekly. If you aren’t sure how to then ask someone to demonstrate so you can start adding this into your regular upkeep routine.

Remove heavy loads
Don’t drive around with your boot needlessly full or bike racks on the back when not transporting any. Adding all this extra weight to the car that the manufacturers will have worked so hard to lighten is sure to increase wear-and-tear to your tyres, suspension, and brakes. So have a clear out — your car will thank you.

Air filters can easily become clogged, so keep on top of them by giving them a wash to elongate their life. Your oil filters can clog too so it’s best to stay on top of renewing both of these regularly.

Smooth driving
It’s an obvious one but driving smoothly and avoiding being aggressive with your pedals, gears, and steering wheel will be rewarded in the long run. Take it easy and you’ll find yourself with fewer repair bills, as well as lower fuel costs.

Rust proof
Most cars these days are pretty resilient to rust. But rust really can destroy cars so it is important to keep an eye out and ensure yours is protected, especially if you have an older vehicle. This means staying on top of the cosmetic upkeep of your car, and if you do find any rust spots then use some touch-up paint as soon as possible.

It might sound like a lot of extra work initially, but mostly it’s simply a case of getting into the habit of carrying out these checks and learning certain behaviours until they become second nature. And remember, keeping your car in good condition does, quite literally, pay off.

10 Best Cars for Older Drivers

10 Cars for Over 50’s

As you get older, your tastes and needs change, as do the criteria that guide your choice towards certain types of models. Here’s a quick round-up of the best cars for older drivers!

What details should you pay attention to when buying a vehicle as a senior?

Seniors often have above-average financial means. Car manufacturers have understood this and do not hesitate to constantly innovate to attract this clientele with very specific needs.

Some criteria for choosing your model:

  • Wide windows to enlarge the field of view
  • An automatic gearbox
  • A dashboard that will give you the essential information at a glance so you don’t get unnecessarily distracted
  • A vehicle equipped with additional mirrors to reduce blind spots and thus facilitate rear controls
  • A speed limiter that allows you not to exceed the scheduled speed

What cars do seniors prefer?

Seniors prefer to buy locally. Unsurprisingly, these brands find themselves at the top of the rankings. Renault gets 32% of the vote, Citroen 19% and Peugeot 18% (according to a survey conducted on 1106 people aged 50 to 75).

Here’s an assortment of vehicles at various prices that you might like if you’re over 50:

1: The Peugeot 108

Starting price: £10,400
Elegant and refined, this model has it all. It has several safety features that make it perfect for older drivers. To quote a few:

  • a rear-distance camera
  • a speed limiter
  • a slope start-up aid system
  • an under-inflating detection system

2: Citroen C3 Aircross

Starting price: £13,500
This SUV model is slightly elevated, allowing you to see the road better. In addition, this format allows you to get in and out of the car more comfortably. An asset of choice for seniors.

3: The Honda CR-V

Starting price: £25,920
The 5th version of this model will arrive in October 2018. Like the Citroen Aircross, the elevated position ensures passenger comfort. In addition, this model consumes very little (4.4-8.2 L/100km mixed).

4: Renault Twingo Red Night

Starting price: £13,500
This limited edition from 2018 offers a slightly more luxurious version of the Twingo. It is equipped with fog projectors, automatic air conditioning, rear parking assistance and rain and light sensors. Perfect if you’re nostalgic for the Twingo but want a more upscale vehicle.

5: Peugeot 508

Starting price: £29,250
In 2016, the owners of the Peugeot 508 were 63 years old on average. (source: Autonews). Peugeot’s all-new model combines power and controlled CO2 emissions. It is equipped with an infrared front camera and various other safety equipment.

6: Ford Kuga 2018

Starting price: £21,800
Another SUV model that will seduce you. You’ll never have to bend down to get in or out of your vehicle and you won’t hurt your neck again with the rearview camera.

7: Volvo XC60

Starting price: £37,979
This model won the award for safest vehicle in 2017 according to NCAP tests. Reliable, comfortable, efficient and with reasonable fuel consumption, this car is a safe choice.

8: Citroen C4 Cactus

Starting price: £15,350
This new model, released in 2018, is equipped with 12 driving aids to limit the risks in case of inattention. On the European market, it is the first model to introduce suspensions with Progressive Hydraulic Stop™ which give the impression of flying over the road. And it’s also the very first model to introduce Advanced Comfort seats that provide unprecedented comfort. Perfect if your lumbar makes you suffer.

9: Volkswagen e-Golf

Starting price: £36,200
This all-electric model is an original in this ranking. It was put on the French market in 2014 but the dealership offers an updated version since 2017 with a range of 300 km. The e-Golf is equipped with a wide range of options including 16 driving assistance technologies.

10: Skoda Fabia 2018

Starting price: £11,770
This new Skoda Fabia says goodbye to diesel to switch to gasoline. A wise choice since most seniors have a preference for petrol engines. It has the following driving aids: blind spot detection, cross rear traffic alert, and automatic lighting assistant. A reasonable but effective choice.

11: Lexus RX

Starting price: £71,490
With its elevated position, simple, legible dashboard, heated steering wheel, rearview camera and ultra-comfortable seats, this Lexus model should appeal if you’re looking for a comfortable vehicle. A detail that matters: Lexus is renowned for the quality of its after-sales service.

More and more senior drivers

The Signal Senior association offers seniors to put a sticker with a red “S” to encourage other drivers to exercise extra caution. If the idea is surprising, it demonstrates one thing: more and more senior drivers are crisscrossing the roads. Even if car manufacturers are still reluctant to offer special senior ranges, it is to this clientele that they are actually addressing and it is according to their needs that they design their models.

Environmental solutions for the UK trucking industry

With the UK Government aiming to reach net-zero emission by 2050, as well seeking ways to limit other non-environmentally friendly practices, many industries are coming under pressure to cut their contribution in the pursuit of this overall target. As part of the wider transportation space, the trucking industry has a large part to play in this.

In this article, we explore some of the environmental solutions and opportunities available to the UK trucking industry and how they may play out in the coming years.

Clean Fuels

With just 0.5% of all licenced vehicles in the UK being ultra-low emissions, the transport industry has a long way to go to reach its target. Although there is a major focus on environmentally friendly cars, the trucking industry also has several solutions available in the space of clean fuel.

Although we may not see them widely available across the UK for some time, Tesla has already released a super low emission semi. This development opens the door for innovation and could be the catalyst required to drive change in the way trucks are made.

More immediately, other cleaner fuels are already available for use in the UK market. For example, Waitrose already uses trucks which are fuelled by biomethane, a bi-product of rotting vegetable waste.


Cleaner fuels are just part of the solution when it comes to creating a more environmentally friendly trucking industry in the UK. Increasing the efficiency of the trucking process itself also has a key role to play.

Newer trucks are now being built to a much higher specification of efficiency, with better aerodynamic designs and lightweight materials. We are also seeing truck drivers becoming more aware of environmentally sound styles of driving, with many of them receiving training as a result of the potential money-saving implications.

Equally, new technologies, software and connected networks could be leveraged to increase efficiency in trucking. This would work by allowing different businesses to work together to ensure that fewer trucks are on the road without cargo, meaning all journeys have a purpose.

Ultimately, all forms of additional efficiency will also lead to cost savings for the trucking businesses which adopt them. As well as offering the potential to grow by working with others to pick up more business.

Waste Removal & Transport

Waste plays a huge part in environmental health and the trucking industry plays a large role in the transportation and disposal of this waste, such as those used for skip collection.

One of the biggest problems with skips is the fact that a considerable amount of recyclable material will usually find its way into the skip. Although the trucking business may not be directly responsible for this, finding ways to educate their customers on how best to deal with this sort of waste can help limit environmental damage.

The physical transportation of waste also plays a role in fuel emissions. One way to offset much of this is to invest in fuel-efficient vehicles. However, there is also something to be said for investing in used vehicles which have been fully refurbished, like those supplied by MHF, as prolonging the life of a vehicle also mitigates the emissions associated with building a new truck.

As the UK pushes forward towards a more environmentally friendly future, the trucking industry will be expected to play its part in reducing emissions and limiting any potentially harmful waste.

The solutions we have outlined in this article are useful reference points for forward-thinking trucking businesses that want to get ahead of the curve and put in place the sort of environmental solutions that are likely to become common in the coming years.

Why Electric Trucks Matter More Now Than Ever

“Trucks remain a major source of pollution that creates smog, and smog is linked with coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and can cause asthma and premature death.”

Paul Billing’s (American Lung Association)

Larger vehicles like trucks are responsible for a significant portion of transport pollution. This pollution affects both the environment and human health negatively. We rely heavily on trucks to transport our goods around the country. It’s not practical or financially realistic to build electric trains to transport all our goods. The next best thing is to look at how we can make our trucks more environmentally friendly.

Which Companies are Making Changes?

The issue is already being looked at and worked on by multiple transport companies across the globe, such as Tesla, Rivian, and Einride. There is a growing trend and expectation for big companies to change their delivery fleet to electric within the next five years.

Many have already started doing so, Amazon is in the process of creating a fleet of 100,000 electric delivery vans, in partnership with Rivian. UPS in the UK is moving towards a fully electric mail delivery service. They have already ordered a fleet of 10,000 delivery trucks through the electric truck company Arrival, which will be rolled out between 2020 and 2024.

electric post van

Japanese design brand Muji has recently launched an electric autonomous shuttle bus. The  Swedish company Einride has created autonomous electric logging trucks, which are already being used in Sweden. In the US Proterra is producing electric buses and school buses.

electric buses

Another example of electric truck ingenuity is the Tesla Semi, as pictured at the top of the page. The Semi has a lot of great features, and best of all it uses less than 2 kWh per mile energy consumption. There are no doubt other companies competing with Tesla now too.

The future of trucks is electric. As it needs to be, in order to meet global emission reduction targets from the UN and individual countries. There is significant progress in many countries but we are still in the early stages, with trials and prototypes, especially for the autonomous vehicles. There are a lot of great things happening for the electric truck industry though, and we are very confident it is an industry that will continue to grow and thrive in years to come.

Truck Pollution Can Affect Covid-19 Mortality Rates

The symptoms of Covid-19 can be compared with the effects of smog in on our respiratory system. The rise in Asthma and lung conditions in polluted areas is very worrying. A new Harvard Study has made a connection between cities with smog and rate of mortality for Covid-19. The study found that cases of Covid-19 are higher and more deadly in cities with higher air pollution. Air pollution which is largely contributed to by the transport industry.

The mortality rate of Covid-19 sufferers went up by approximately 8% if they were living in a city with significant air pollution. Their lungs were no doubt already affected by the usual smog. Which in turn would make it harder to then cope with the added pressure on the respiratory system from the Covid-19 virus. Meaning they are more likely to succumb to it.

The Environmental Impact of Transport Pollution

Transport pollution, of which delivery trucks make up a decent sized chunk, is a serious concern worldwide. Transport is responsible for a large portion of all carbon emissions worldwide, alongside electricity and manufacturing.


Statistics and Image Credit: transportgeography.org

The next challenge will be to look at the source of the electricity used for cars and other modes of transport. There are concerns about the load on the national grid, and where the grid gets its power from. In countries like New Zealand 83% is renewable, from wind or water but there is a still a small percentage from coal and gas. Most countries are working towards that sort of balance at the moment as well, with majority renewable energy from natural sources. It is however still better environmentally to switch to electric vehicles, even if the source is not fully renewable, this is explained well by ‘Climate Explained’.

There are a lot more electric cars, bikes, scooters and trucks in production, and on the road now than ever. But in order to make a big enough positive impact in the current climate crisis we still have a long way to go. We need clean electric vehicles now, more than ever. The impact of transport pollution on our health and the health of the planet is simply too great to ignore and we need to find an answer to the commuting problem.

7 Top Ways to Save Money on Taxi Insurance

Being a taxi driver offers many people a great opportunity to make a good living and work independently according to their own schedule. As a self-employed worker, you’ll have the flexibility in choosing what hours and days you wish to work. For this reason, there are thousands of professionals entering this industry every year.

For many individuals, this will be their main source of income, while others will carry out this work on a part-time basis during the evenings and weekends. Earnings are just one side of the coin, as expenses need to be equally considered. In the last 10 years, business costs such as fuel, tax, insurance and maintenance have steadily risen. Whilst most of these will be out of your control, one variable you can save money on is taxi insurance. Online comparison websites sites such as Utility Saving Expert have made it easier than ever to find the most competitive quote within minutes.

Insurance premiums have risen across all industries, and this is no different for the taxi industry. Fortunately, we’ve put together a number of practical tips you can use to get cheaper private hire insurance.

Buy taxi insurance cover that meets your requirements

Insurance companies will present you with all sorts of ‘special offers’ when you’re looking to renew your policy. While some of these can be helpful, often they’ll bundle in a number of optional extras that you simply don’t need and shouldn’t be paying extra for. Start by considering what level of cover you actually require and only include any extras that you feel are essential for your needs.

For example, breakdown cover may be included but you have already bought this elsewhere, some drivers even have this cover through their bank account.

Increase your excess

All taxi insurance policies will include a standard excess, in addition to this, providers will also include a voluntary excess. You will have the option of increasing your voluntary excess which could reduce your total premium. Please note that should you be involved in an accident and have to make a claim, you will be expected to pay this excess. So please choose an amount you feel comfortable with paying should this happen.

It’s beneficial to compare each voluntary excess level so see how much of a difference it makes to the total policy cost. This is because some insurers offer larger discounts than others if you were to change this.

Consider a telematics policy

A telematics insurance policy, often referred to as black box cover can help both newly qualified and existing professionals save money. In addition to cutting costs, this will also help taxi drivers improve their driving through encouraging a safety-first approach.

Essentially, a small device is fitted inside your cab and monitors your driving behaviour. Information collected includes things like what speed you’re driving, your cornering and even the time of day you’re on the road. This data is recorded and sent back to your insurer, if they can see that you’re responsible behind the wheel, you’ll be viewed as a lower risk driver and your premium may be reduced to reflect this.

Have a clean driving history

Being responsible on the road evidenced through a clean driving license can also help you get cheaper cover. If you’ve been driving for many years without breaking the law, insurers can see that you’re a low risk driver. This will mean that you’re less likely to make a claim as compared to those who have points on their license from speeding or any other forms of dangerous driving.

Pay annually

Did you know that many taxi insurance providers will be able to give you a discount simply for paying annually? Cover can be costly and it’s easier for most to pay through monthly instalments, however this method will result in extra charges. If you have the available funds, consider paying as a lump sum and you may be able to save over £100 each year.

Consider an eco-friendly vehicle

Electric or hybrid vehicles can potentially be cheaper to insure when compared to their petrol and diesel counterparts. This is because they will often have less powerful engines but still offer similar performance. A select number of insurers even go as far as offering EV drivers a small discount for going green. This discount could be appreciable when you consider that the average taxi insurance policy costs well over £1,500 per year.

Compare quotes through an online comparison site

So, you’ve received your renewal quote and it includes a substantial price hike. There’s a perfect solution to this: compare taxi insurance online through Utility Saving Expert to find a more competitive policy. It’s easy and takes less than 10 minutes to compare quotes from leading providers, saving you time and money.

After completing one short form, you’ll be shown a list of options to choose from, allowing you to filter by price and features.

Hopefully you’re able to take advantage of some or all of these 7 tips to get cheaper taxi insurance. Before buying, remember to read the terms and conditions, along with any policy exclusions and limitations that may also apply.

Why You Should Consider Getting Motor Trade Insurance

what motor trade insurance is about

If your business is involved in the repairing, handling, or distribution of vehicles, it’s imperative you consider motor trade insurance. Insurance may prevent disastrous financial consequences in the case of car accidents and other issues involving your company. Unfortunately, many business owners and managers are unaware of the helpful options available to them. Hence, here’s everything you need to know about insurance options for motor trades.

What’s Best About Insurance for Motor Trades?

Motor trade cover is insurance specifically designed for businesses that deal with vehicles as a core function of their business model. The protection applies to a range of different businesses, such as car resellers and repair garages. These businesses are incredibly vulnerable should they face accidents and issues regarding the motor vehicles that they handle, especially considering most cars are worth at least a few thousand pounds. Motor trade policies cover a whole range of common scenarios faced by companies that deal with vehicles, providing peace of mind for all stakeholders.

Cover from Flooding, Fires, and Other Natural Occurrences

Natural occurrences such as flooding, hail, and forest fires are all included within most policies for motor trades. Many businesses that have their vehicle stock in open and vulnerable areas, such as car dealers, will face disastrous consequences during situations such as flooding if they don’t have insurance. It’s important to remember that it only takes one bad incident such as flooding to completely financially ruin a business that relies heavily on their vehicle stock. With this in mind, getting trade insurance that covers these natural disasters is imperative.

Cover from Employee Dishonesty

Consumer protection laws are expanding and becoming increasingly complex, larger motor vehicle businesses without coverage from employee fraud and dishonesty are incredibly vulnerable. Motor trade policies cover incidents where an employee has lied or committed fraud on behalf of the company. Situations such as a sales representative of the business using unethical tactics to trigger a sale can lead to legal action under legislation such as consumer protection laws. Without coverage in these scenarios, legal fees and other forms of compensation may quickly bankrupt a vehicle company.

Complete Vehicle Value Payouts for Claims

Motor trade policies are specifically designed with businesses in mind, meaning payouts for claims are different from policies for individuals. Generally, the payouts determined for vehicle insurance for individuals are much lower than those with trade insurance. Depending on the insurer, companies may agree on a very high benchmark regarding how to determine the lump sum payout for a claim. For example, an agreement that uses resale value instead of depreciated book value for claims involving vehicle assets is possible through these policies.

How to Choose the Right Motor Trade Insurance

There are plenty of reputable providers of motor trade policies, so it’s recommended that you shop around. Generally, you should focus on finding an insurer that has policies that have the highest synergy with your business model. Some plans are better suited to car resellers while others for repair garages. Now that you understand the importance of this kind of insurance, it’s essential you take the necessary time to find a policy that’s most beneficial for your business.