7 rumours car enthusiasts should take seriously when planning their next car purchase

Car enthusiasts will be excited to know that the rumours mentioned here are most likely facts that are just waiting to be officially unveiled…

Ever listened in on a conversation between two car enthusiasts? You’ll hear many rumours about upcoming models of cars, the possible modifications, their implications and all that is related. Such rumours are often released by car brands themselves to ensure that the conversation around their work continues unabated.

Making comparisons with other brands in the same category, suggesting changes that can be disruptive, improving the luxury factor of a model and safety inclusions, all of these can be the source of constant chatter and keep enthusiasts in the loop of what is going on.

Everyone understands that not all the rumours translate into actuality. Nevertheless, here is a look at some rumours that have a lot going for them and show every sign of coming true… so sit down, buckle up, make sure your car insurance is valid, and plan your next car purchase.

Ford’s F-150 pickup truck to ditch a configuration

2021 will see a brand-new version of the world-wide bestselling popular off-roader F-150 pickup truck make an entry. But if rumours are to be believed, one of its two configurations has been laid to rest. The SuperCab is not going to feature anymore. This leaves just the SuperCrew four-door option. The basis of this rumour is from a leaked VIN decoding sheet which does not list a line item for the half-door SuperCab.

Europe and China – and not the USA—will get the new Volkswagen

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There is a certain satisfaction in driving a low-riding car that packs some serious cargo hauling space. And that’s precisely what Volkswagen is cashing in on with their Arteon R and Arteon wagon models. The high-powered Arteon R has been making waves all over. It is rumoured to come with 404 HP from a 3.0 litre turbo-charged VR6 engine. However, both models are being targeted at markets in Europe and China. So for now, other markets will be disappointed knowing that the four door shooting brake style vehicle is not going to be touching their shores.

BMW X8 M is on its way

BMW’s X family is going to get a new addition and the world simply can’t wait to see it come through. Rumours of a high-end X8 have been making the rounds for ages now. This can be confirmed considering BMW has filed for a patent on the X8M with the German Patent and Trademark Office. The new X8 will be beauty and will be ultra-luxurious with four seats. It should be out by 2021. There are however, no spy shots to fall back on so for now, it’s a waiting game.

Tesla Cybertruck’s sales to reach a cool $1 million

When it comes to Tesla, you know Elon Musk will be up to something unimaginable and most likely working hard to make it come true. The Cybertruck is one of the most talked about models since its unveiling in November 2019. Pre-sales bookings have surged to 600,000, possibly egged on by $100 deposits. There is every chance that this number may hit one million. This is Tesla’s first product for passenger trucks and it immediately had people sitting up in attention for its tank-like design and armour-like glass. It is also said to come in single, dual and tri-motor wheel drive options.

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Ford’s Mustang Shelby GT350 may have reached the end

Car enthusiasts all know that the two best models of sixth generation S550Mustang are the Shelby GT350 and GT500. But, the sad news is that only one of these is going to be around going forward. In all probability the Shelby GT350 and its track variant GT350R will be discontinued. All this is in Ford’s effort to cut down on its muscle cars. The reason for this – despite popularity, is that sales for the model have been seeing a downward trend and no real chances of picking up.

Nissan 400Z packs 400 horsepower and manual transmission

Don’t you love it when a new model comes up with some amazing additions to all your favourite features? Take the Nissan 400Z which will succeed the 370Z model. It is reported that this second-generation model will come with twin-turbo 3.0 litre V6 engine from Infiniti Q60. This means 400HP and 350 pound torque. You will go from 0-96 km/h in 4.5 seconds. The car will have a manual gearbox so all ye purists rejoice.

Heads up—Mercedes-Benz EQS BMW i7 is here

BMW is taking Electric Vehicles (EVs) very seriously and its 7-series flagship sedan will see an EV version called i7. The launch of the model was confirmed during a press conference in Munich. A broad understanding that was provided says that the car is will be to the 7 series what the iX3 to the iX series. It will not have the V8 and V12 power plants. The general growth of the EV market, alongside advancements in battery construction and lifespan, mean that EVs are becoming increasingly energy friendly, a sticking point for environmentalists historically.

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