10 Best Cars for Older Drivers

10 Cars for Over 50’s

As you get older, your tastes and needs change, as do the criteria that guide your choice towards certain types of models. Here’s a quick round-up of the best cars for older drivers!

What details should you pay attention to when buying a vehicle as a senior?

Seniors often have above-average financial means. Car manufacturers have understood this and do not hesitate to constantly innovate to attract this clientele with very specific needs.

Some criteria for choosing your model:

  • Wide windows to enlarge the field of view
  • An automatic gearbox
  • A dashboard that will give you the essential information at a glance so you don’t get unnecessarily distracted
  • A vehicle equipped with additional mirrors to reduce blind spots and thus facilitate rear controls
  • A speed limiter that allows you not to exceed the scheduled speed

What cars do seniors prefer?

Seniors prefer to buy locally. Unsurprisingly, these brands find themselves at the top of the rankings. Renault gets 32% of the vote, Citroen 19% and Peugeot 18% (according to a survey conducted on 1106 people aged 50 to 75).

Here’s an assortment of vehicles at various prices that you might like if you’re over 50:

1: The Peugeot 108

Starting price: £10,400
Elegant and refined, this model has it all. It has several safety features that make it perfect for older drivers. To quote a few:

  • a rear-distance camera
  • a speed limiter
  • a slope start-up aid system
  • an under-inflating detection system

2: Citroen C3 Aircross

Starting price: £13,500
This SUV model is slightly elevated, allowing you to see the road better. In addition, this format allows you to get in and out of the car more comfortably. An asset of choice for seniors.

3: The Honda CR-V

Starting price: £25,920
The 5th version of this model will arrive in October 2018. Like the Citroen Aircross, the elevated position ensures passenger comfort. In addition, this model consumes very little (4.4-8.2 L/100km mixed).

4: Renault Twingo Red Night

Starting price: £13,500
This limited edition from 2018 offers a slightly more luxurious version of the Twingo. It is equipped with fog projectors, automatic air conditioning, rear parking assistance and rain and light sensors. Perfect if you’re nostalgic for the Twingo but want a more upscale vehicle.

5: Peugeot 508

Starting price: £29,250
In 2016, the owners of the Peugeot 508 were 63 years old on average. (source: Autonews). Peugeot’s all-new model combines power and controlled CO2 emissions. It is equipped with an infrared front camera and various other safety equipment.

6: Ford Kuga 2018

Starting price: £21,800
Another SUV model that will seduce you. You’ll never have to bend down to get in or out of your vehicle and you won’t hurt your neck again with the rearview camera.

7: Volvo XC60

Starting price: £37,979
This model won the award for safest vehicle in 2017 according to NCAP tests. Reliable, comfortable, efficient and with reasonable fuel consumption, this car is a safe choice.

8: Citroen C4 Cactus

Starting price: £15,350
This new model, released in 2018, is equipped with 12 driving aids to limit the risks in case of inattention. On the European market, it is the first model to introduce suspensions with Progressive Hydraulic Stop™ which give the impression of flying over the road. And it’s also the very first model to introduce Advanced Comfort seats that provide unprecedented comfort. Perfect if your lumbar makes you suffer.

9: Volkswagen e-Golf

Starting price: £36,200
This all-electric model is an original in this ranking. It was put on the French market in 2014 but the dealership offers an updated version since 2017 with a range of 300 km. The e-Golf is equipped with a wide range of options including 16 driving assistance technologies.

10: Skoda Fabia 2018

Starting price: £11,770
This new Skoda Fabia says goodbye to diesel to switch to gasoline. A wise choice since most seniors have a preference for petrol engines. It has the following driving aids: blind spot detection, cross rear traffic alert, and automatic lighting assistant. A reasonable but effective choice.

11: Lexus RX

Starting price: £71,490
With its elevated position, simple, legible dashboard, heated steering wheel, rearview camera and ultra-comfortable seats, this Lexus model should appeal if you’re looking for a comfortable vehicle. A detail that matters: Lexus is renowned for the quality of its after-sales service.

More and more senior drivers

The Signal Senior association offers seniors to put a sticker with a red “S” to encourage other drivers to exercise extra caution. If the idea is surprising, it demonstrates one thing: more and more senior drivers are crisscrossing the roads. Even if car manufacturers are still reluctant to offer special senior ranges, it is to this clientele that they are actually addressing and it is according to their needs that they design their models.